the corner of your heart
Title: The Ghost On The Shore
Artist: Lord Huron
Album: Lonesome Dreams
Plays: 5523

The Ghost On The Shore - Lord Huron
I’m just a man, but I know that I’m damned
All the dead seem to know where I am


Peace in the woods

Michael Pitt photographed by Hedi Slimane for the LA Times


It’s all a matter of perspective


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Sailor Moon - Usagi and Luna. But instead using the original design I wanted to draw them in my style. Hope You like it! (Inspired by Sketch_Dailies, it was yesterday’s challenge)

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portrait of Blake without her mask in the Opium War AU


I doodled this in June? July? Sometime before I went to Disney World during the summer. (I was in the mood…)
It’s old and not super good but I haven’t uploaded much lately so I am putting it here…
Happy Friday


Since Dean turned into a demon,He cant find him.Now no matter how cruel the world is, he has to face it. Alone.